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NAMIBIA - A TALE OF SAND AND WIND is a photography book featuring images of one of the most amazing countries on this planet: Namibia. Covering the landscapes from the endless seeming saltpans of Etosha National Park to the breath-taking Atlantic coast. From the oldest desert with the highest sand dunes, the Namib, to the incredible rock formations of Giant's Playground.
Besides the incredible variety of landscapes this country has to offer, it has an abundance of animals to discover. Some of them exist in just very small numbers and it is an absolute privilege to see those animals. They should be threatened with the greatest respect - which is the reason all wildlife-images are in black and white. 
All images were shot during a several-week-long trip through the whole country and carefully post-processed to achieve the most beautiful colors and details in every image.
The final book will be a hardcover with a glossy dust jacket over black linen, 7" x 7" (18 x 18cm), landscapes in color, wildlife in black and white, 52 pages in length covering 48 images. All texts in English. The book will be printed in the Netherlands. 
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